Friday, January 31, 2020

Sitting in Starbucks

How do I sum up what I haven't been keeping this blog updated on for months...

...First I think I'm gonna go to the starbucks bathroom real quick because my fingernails are too long to type fast. Brb.

Okay. I'm done clipping.

Well, there is one thing. I got my first set of tattoos for my birthday last month.
Eating at a local pizza place afterwards!
A couple days afterwards, when they had healed a bit
That was really fun, and for anyone wondering, the font type was Bodoni Book. Just because it was close enough to the complex serif-fonts that I was looking at, but simple enough to show up in a tattoo that small (according to the artists at the shop, Moon Light Tattoos in Loveland).

Other than that, well, the job that I started back in September (just a few weeks after the Aug 31st wedding), it's coming to an end, as I put in my two-week's notice on Monday.

Makes me think of that Michael Jr. standup clip where he talks about how he was just gonna leave his job, and didn't care about waiting two weeks, saying something like, "Two weeks from now, you're gonna notice, I ain't been here for two weeks." I can identify with that. I've had a couple bad days since Monday when the combination of 1) the weather being too gloomy to feel like the sun would ever come back, 2) the way my sleep schedule and breakfast habits had gotten backed up and tangled up, and 3) the simple knowledge that all my work duties had been completed in advance and I wouldn't have anything pressing to keep me occupied during the day if I went in, was all so much weight pulling against any desire to get up and drive to work just to not be needed that I called off early in the morning.

...It's times like this that I look at a sentence I've just pieced together and edited a couple times and wonder, "will anybody actually understand that, even if grammatically I've not made any real mistakes?" Makes me kick myself and then think about how it would have come out even worse if I was just rambling in your ear trying to make sense without editing any of it first.

Whatever. If someone cares to understand it, they can read it again, and that's what I like about written communication. Sure, you can try to remember what someone said afterwards, but man, if they say a lot for a long time, how much of it will you actually be able to remember verbatim? There's also just the human capability to misinterpret a phrase, and then reiterate it in their own words as if quoting that person, which can seem like they're purposefully twisting their words if the original speaker heard their account. God knows I've seen that happen way too much at my job in the kitchen. Sure, none of it came from my boss who hired me and holds my utmost respect for being both a hard worker, a good leader, and a kind, understanding individual with an incredible amount of patience. He doesn't try to get into the details of whose fault it was, but just tells them to quit acting like kids. I mean, he doesn't phrase it that way, I don't think. I can't remember his exact words x) anyway.

So while I'm sitting here...what are some things I need to get off my chest, things that I've put off posting about, that I have the time and presence of mind to attempt a record of?

Then that makes me wonder, what is really worth writing? Is it to help me, to let people know how I am, or just to occupy my mind this morning as I try not to think about the fact that I don't have a job after this one and I just need to get in with a psychiatrist so I can start going to therapy again and also have more insight into the medicinal side of my treatment? I did look up the people on the list of psychologists that our insurance covers, and I found one that's also a psychiatrist. That's been something I've needed to do for over a year, it's what my doctor keeps saying that I'll need to do "if this next addition to my meds isn't working" because she won't have any other go-to's with her general practice's experience and training.

Okay so the thing with my sentences being so long and convoluted: there's two possibilities that I'm considering. One is the possibility that I've been away from school for too long, and I've just been in a working environment where being a wordsmith or even grammatically correct was nowhere on the radar of my coworkers; another is the possibility that I've always been kind of rambly with my speech and writing, but I used to have the attention span to re-read what I'd written and then change it, while now I instead just give up and leave with a sense of having lost my capacity for meaningful and succinct communication. I think it's a combination of both. But still, I don't think I'd fix the problem just by reading books more and conversing with people whose vocabulary and patterns of speech are richer and more "bookish" the way I want to be able to think and therefore write... Maybe I'm just going through a crisis of voice. What do I want my voice to be as a writer? How do I want to come across to readers, and do I really need to try to "be something I'm not" by using bigger words or better phrases? I don't know. I do know that I do want to be able to convey deeper messages than can generally be conveyed through casual, conversational language. I want to talk about life and death, aspirations and disappointments, and all the things I try to solve in my thoughts. I want to put it in writing so that I don't just keep turning it over and over in my mind, which, while my meds have helped with that "circular, non-stop jumping from one thought to another" feeling that was overwhelming back in 2016, isn't neurotypical quite yet, I can say. There's still some imbalances of serotonin and whatever else is missing up there. The obsessive compulsion to always write in full, non-fragmented sentences is a trait of one of those imbalances, I'm sure. Or it's a result of the imbalance having been part of my growing up for those developmental years, and has now made a permanent mark on my perception of myself and the world around me.

I also use passive voice a lot, and I remember that back in 2011 and before, my MS Word grammar correction would underline sentences with passive voice as if it were incorrect. It's not only a reflection of my "passive" nature of not wanting to attribute blame to anyone in particular when speaking about a problem, but it's an aspect of the Indonesian language that I was introduced to when my parents were recounting their language learning lessons during our first year in the country. I didn't really have my own lens to look at that world through, but I knew what my parents thought of all the cultural differences. Sometimes I sided with them in their first-world bias, and other times I rejected their aversion to the culture I lived in from age 8 to 16.... Did I just jump from the subject of my speech patterns, to my mental health, to my speech patterns, to my childhood and thoughts of my parents' influence on my perception of the world?

I think that this is exactly the type of thing I've needed to put into writing. I don't know if it will offend anyone reading, or if this instance of vulnerability will come back to haunt me. Not like many people read my blog. I did that on purpose. But hey... If that dream of becoming an author did come true, I think the kind of people who would be fans of my fiction or poetry would be the kinds of people who would read my old blog posts and discuss them in ways that might make me regret how open I'd been.

But maybe I could just get over it and not worry about how one future version of me might think I'd been too brave. I've heard that people regret the things that they didn't do more than the things they did. One of those deathbed revelation things, like "go for it while you're alive, because there's going to come a time where you'll wish you had taken that chance while you had it."

Or maybe I just have a bloated sense of self, and I should think of myself less, and instead figure out what to focus on.... But then I think, if I don't know myself, both in my strengths and my weaknesses, how will I make good decisions in situations where knowing if I would be a help or a hindrance by offering advice or assistance? One feeling that I hate is that of realizing that I made things worse by trying to insert myself into the situation, because I really didn't know the background of the issue and the root of the conflict. When I try to mediate an argument, I don't want to make it worse by interfering, of course! And I would know if I was going to be halting progress if I knew myself and my limitations. And solving arguments is just one example of things you need experience and knowledge of yourself in order to succeed....succeed, that's a prepositional....what's-it-called... Split prepositions? No, that's split imperatives that I'm thinking of. It's a rule that prepositions need to have their object coming after them, but is that a preposition?
Solving arguments is just one example (of things (that you need experience and knowledge of yourself) (in order) (to succeed in)). 
Prepositions that have that many words inside them are clauses, right?

In a way, I want to go back to school to brush up on my memorized knowledge of grammar. But man, thinking about going back to school just makes my bones shake. Some of the worst moments of frozen panic that I've ever experienced were brought on by the multitude of anxieties that being a student can produce. Do I really want to do that to myself again? Or, rather, have I really grown and healed enough from that point that I could do any better a second time around? I hate making the same mistake twice. I really don't want to make an expensive mistake like that twice, either, especially since so many people's expectations would be upon me. I almost want to secretly get an online degree and not bother to tell people who wouldn't need to know.

Do I really care that much about what people think of me?

Yes. Parents and in-laws want me to succeed, to be happy, and to have a good job and a chance to move up in life, and I don't want to make them wonder if I'm really happy when I fail out of college a second time. If I do. I don't know.

This is how my thoughts unfold...hard to follow, maybe, but probably just hard to understand the logic and reasoning in the leaps of conclusions. I have trouble getting to the root of why I think one thing about a way I feel. Like, there's so much history and cultural association and learned bias that goes into one's worldview and just general interpretation of the events of one's life. It's something that a therapist dives into and brings a fresh, structured perspective to in order to solve the barriers that their client has in front of them holding them back from a normal life. That's something I'll be really benefiting from as soon as I can get in with a psychologist/psychiatrist. I was seeing Neila last year, but things got busy and I was working almost full time and things seemed to be going pretty great every time I visited, so I came less often. Then I got married and things were wonderful and I had that extra boost to get me off of one dark thought and back to reality. But winter changes those things, and I need to get back in with a therapist so that I can regain the stability that I need.

I think this has been a pretty good summary of the contents of my thoughts. I should get some solid food in me so that all this coffee doesn't just throw me into a jittery, obsessive track that ends up dumping me into an exhausted heap on the couch in a few hours... It might already be on that track, seeing as I've been writing pretty obsessively for about an hour and 45 minutes, but eh. I'll work it out. Food.

I could make some pigs-in-a-blanket and clean up the kitchen while they're in the oven, that would be good. It would get me back home, too. I don't really want to run errands until I get worn out. I think this is a good plan. :) I should post more pictures of me and Lily, too. I have a cat! taken in from my cousin whose other two boy cats were harassing it into a paranoid behavior that wasn't going away no matter what she tried. She's completely changed, has a brand new personality, actually wants to be out and around people, and gives love and attention in a way she never did before. It's beautiful.

Lily curled up in this space beside me on the couch and fell asleep like that. This was exactly the comfort I needed.
Okay, I'll close this off and start packing up to go home. Thanks to anyone who read or skimmed any of this, and I hope your day is filled with uplifting thoughts and that you are able to spread joy to someone else during your interactions with people.

God bless,

—ACS 1.31.2020
(still haven't gone to social security offices to change my last name yet)

oh yeah, and coronavirus. we're worried it'll become a panicky thing. so we got shelf-stable foods and water bottles just in case nationwide panic ensues. I feel like it's a kind of "prepper" sort of action to take, but at least I'll use all this stuff anyway, even if we don't lose power or need to stop using the tap water. Just in case. :/ Okay. Bye!

Sunday, January 19, 2020

poem of a winter morning

Even though the sky is dreary 
 And of my own thoughts I'm leery 
 I must not give in to them 
 Somehow I must think more clearly. 
I turned on the living room light 
 And thoughts of sleeping all set flight 
 Why I sat in the dark alone 
 I don't know, but this feels right. 

I've taken the dose of vitamin D 
 I've listened to my stomach's plea 
 To give it healthy, complex carbs 
 So I hope today is better for me. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

we got professional photos taken o.o

These are our engagement photos:

I think you should be able to access them, but there might be a login thing, I don't know. but if it works then sweet 👍These are just some of my favorites, but the full rez ones will be in the link.

7.3 Whew, wedding planning...

I Want To Invite Everyone

And I don't know what to do about it.

     But seriously. If you read this blog then you're someone I want to invite. I didn't share this blog with eeeverybody on, like, my Facebook friends list, or anything like that. Just y'all. Like 6 or 7 of you. 
     It's August 31st in Ohio, and if you could make it and want to come, I've probably already added you to my guest list (the invitations are going out really soon, I promise!) and you may have received my Save-The-Date email if I had the right address for you. 
     I think of new people every week that I want to invite, people that I want to be able to come and just have fun and get to be there for my wedding, and there are so many already in my list from my 75+ extended family members, to my parents' and Alex's parents' family friends from both AZ and OH, to the special little group of my college roommates I was able to round up to be part of my bridesmaids.... There are just so many. And Alex doesn't want me to add a hundred more people just in case we have to feed 300+ people because we are not prepared for that. :/ 
     I'm just so torn. 
     Like, back in November when Alex proposed to me, and we hadn't started talking about wedding dates yet, I thought it would be sooner than it ended up being. And I sorta thought it would be SO long to wait. But now, I feel like I wish I had more time to prepare, or at least had set my due dates a month earlier than I needed them, because now I HAVE to send out all the invitations and I just now finished designing them (my dad's printing and mailing them all, thank the Lord) and I realized I haven't organized everybody's mailing addresses in one place. >.< What am I doing? How did I miss that?
     And then there were some people whose email addresses hadn't been correct when I sent the Save-The-Date back in April or whenever it was. So they don't know when or where my wedding is and they're asking my mom. >.< aaaackk 
     So many of the people I love are on the list, though, and that's awesome and for the ones that I already know are going to be there, that's amazing! I am excited, I am glad, and I'll be thrilled to see everyone on the big day.
     But now I need to go make a little document with the RSVP and Registry info on it so Dad can put that slip of paper in with all the invitations. xP

--ACS, July 3rd, 2019

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

5.15 Sitting in Starbucks

So I'm sitting in a brand new Starbucks right now. It's so new, I hadn't even heard that they were opening a new one here until I drove by last week and saw the sign on the unfinished building. And today, I saw that the parking lot was full and the drive-thru screen was on, and everything looked like it had opened!
so I pulled into the next road, which was a gas station, haha, and since the parking lots didn't seem to connect, I said "oh whatever, I'll just park here and walk over." So I did.

(So there's a man with a David Crowder-ish beard, glasses, and a cap that I saw in the corner of the cafe and did a double-take because he looks just like Alex's uncle Dan from this distance. It's his dad's never-married brother, who's never come up to visit us, so we just stop in to visit him every time we're in town. He's a cool dude, owns an art gallery and plays Dungeons & Dragons. The first time I met him, it had been a while since Alex had seen him, and Alex kind of discovered his awesome uncle and it was really cool. ^_^ But yeah. It's not him, he wouldn't be here, but lol it really looks like him.)

Okay back to whatever I was going to be talking about. I'm loving this slow jazz music they're playing. It's totally relaxing and makes me feel like it was a good decision to come here :)
Ah yesss. So, I'm starting to think about switching this blog from Blogger over to another platform. Blogger was connected with Google+ and it made it easier to log in and post that way, but now that Google+ has been absolved (lol or whatever you would call it), some of the functions aren't working as well, and I'm just feeling like I'd like a change.
Blogger's been a great place to post content for a long time, and as I've been using it since, like, way back in 2012 or something when I used it for my serial story The Note, I don't want to put in all the work to change host websites if I am going to have to do it again in a few years. But I don't want to spend a lot of money on, like, a whole website....but I could have a really big one, if I used it as both a blog and a place to post my new music and maybe have some marketing stuff for the book I self-published in 2017. And maybe I could start some other projects, things that I might want to go to school for, like website designing and programming. I don't know if I'll go into IT specifically or if I'll decide that I want to do teaching or tutoring, or something else like that. Maybe speech therapy.
Anyway, it would be super fun to build a website and I think I would really enjoy the nitty gritty details and just getting to learn stuff along the way. The few times that I've done basic HTML code were always a fun exercise. I have a cool uncle who's given me some tips and a few places to start. :)
So yeah. If I do build a website, I'm pretty sure I could set this old blog up to redirect to the new place. There's a spot for that in the settings, anyway.
I'm gonna go research that stuff. ^_^
—ACS, May 15, 2019

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Surprise days off :O

Hey =) Positive update on how I've felt slightly stressed with work:

I had a really nice day yesterday when I decided to check my work schedule to make sure I was supposed to come in -- and I had the day off! Praise the Lord. because I needed to take a morning to breathe. and make a breakfast sandwich. from bread that I baked on Wednesday. :)

I even ended up going shopping with Mrs. Broening to look for a new dress for the engagement photoshoot that Alex and I are going to have. I tried on 8 dresses at JC Penney's (lol yes it was a lot, but I at least like to think that I go faster now than I did in the past when shopping with her or my mom.) There were several dresses that I really liked, 2 that I would have bought, but we were just there for one, so I made the choice and maybe I'll go back with Alex sometime to look at some of the less fancy dresses that I had to pass over because of the occasion we were shopping for. :) But it felt good, uplifting to me, to analyze the clothing racks, discover a hint of a nice color behind the blacks and the jewel tones that would just absolutely make me look like a ghost, and to feel like an explorer in the jungle when I'd find the one medium in the sea of X-Small's and XX-Large's. The rare finds in the clearance section. The ridiculous styles that I saw and thought, "You know, I'll just try it on for fun." It was a breath of fresh air and a great time with my future mother-in-law.

After JC Penney's (where we bought the one dress), we tried Kohl's, but I didn't like the way any of the 5 or 6 outfits looked when I tried them on...there were a couple jumpsuits (the kind where it looks like a summer dress from far away and then when you take it off the rack, you realize it's not a skirt but Pants that are just flowy) that I tried on just for fun, because hey, I'm tall, but if there was one that looked good on me, it would be nice (and with jumpsuits you never have to worry about the wind blowing your shirt around). But none of them were a good fit, but it was okay because we already had the best JC Penney option. We just wanted to make sure there wasn't one gem waiting in the Kohl's store that would completely blow the other dress out of the water. But there wasn't, so we kept the JC Penney's dress. *ahem*

At that point it wasn't too late in the afternoon yet, so we talked about what else we could get done for wedding planning while I still had the day off. And I felt super proud of myself for being prepared and thinking ahead and being mindful of the errands I'd need to run/items I'd need to purchase: I had a List. 

(I just really wanted to show some kind of dorky excited gif about how I felt when I pulled that out and had the perfect thing for us to accomplish next.)

And everything turned out awesome: of the stuff on my list that I could look into without needing to choose them with Alex, most of them were bridal accessories.

So I don't know if I've shared this on my blog before, but a while ago when my family was staying with me (after Christmas when I'd traveled with them for several weeks and we were in my apartment while my dad & brothers did some maintenance on my car and my mom and I tackled some wedding planning stuff), I made a list of the aspects of a wedding, and I ranked them by how important of an issue it was to me.
This is completely unrelated but I saw it while scrolling down to find the picture from January that I actually wanted to share, and I remembered it and had to post it so I can laugh at it and share an ADD moment with you...okay...on to the actual topic

This is what Mom and Rickey were doing while I wrote up my master plan on the sweet new whiteboard they'd helped me install on my pantry door. 

Here!! These are all things I need to plan for the wedding, all things that need to be decided on and planned and bought and scheduled and organized, and I put numbers to them all so that I could express which ones were important enough for me to spend more money/more time on them, and which ones I just needed someone to help me make a quick decision about and move on with.

And guess what Mrs. Broening and I had the time to do?


The shoes that I wear at my wedding are a really important part of the whole day, to me, and I was going to make sure that adequate attention was given, ahead of time, to picking just the right pair of shoes so that I would
  1. be comfy while standing,
  2. feel awesome while dancing,
  3. feel good about the shoe style in the pictures, and
  4. be able to afford them.
And with the saving that I've been doing lately, I believe the 2 pairs that I had to decide between (I bought both, brought them home, and Alex helped me pick the right pair when he came over, so I'll be returning the other pair on Wednesday) were a great fulfillment of my 4 criteria. I felt great. And now, after showing it to Alex and having the chance to chat about the overarching purpose of shoes (not just to be comfy for one day, but to display the image that we are wanting to impart in our wedding ceremony and the image that we want to look back and remember when we look at our wedding photos for the next 60 years), I feel even better. I guess this is what being productive and accomplishing goals feels like. :)

And then after that, I checked the List again, and ooh, planning & booking honeymoon lodging was on there. Something Alex and I needed to get done together. And we had time to do it. >:D I was on a roll!

And after looking at stuff for a few hours and finding something perfect that was completely in a different area than the state that we had been poring over for the past few weeks (lol), we decided on a spot in Gatlinburg, TN, and Alex went home and booked it last night. ^_^

So I have to get ready to go to work now, but yesterday was pretty great. I just wanted to share the exciting stuff I was able to get done, and talk about how helpful it was for me to actually accomplish something instead of just talking about getting it done at some point (while not having the time to ever get it done, since I was always either waking up preparing to go to work, or was at work and keeping up my energy and motivation to keep working, or home from work recovering from the mental exhaustion that I'm getting better and better at handling now that I've had this 40-hr/wk job for a few months now). 

Things are looking up. I am smiley. Thank you all for your support and prayers for me, and just the little things you say and the ways you make me smile. I love you all, and can't wait to see you soon (at the wedding, or even sooner!)

Bye! <3

-ACS (for now), April 23, 2019

Friday, April 5, 2019

Alex's birthday today :D

Okay. I have a little bit of time as I'm coloring my hair this morning to write about everything I've already done today (and it's only 9:45 AM).

So I woke up super early (that's been happening a lot lately, especially when I have work, which is at 10:30 this morning and 10:00 on most weekday mornings). At first, I was just going to try to go back to sleep since I didn't really have to be up for another 3 or 4 hours, but then I remembered that it was Alex's birthday and that I hadn't done anything special for him yet, even though I'd been coming up with ideas the past few weeks. And then it hit me.

Walmart. I can go get him some groceries, like he's been needing for a while, plus his favorite cereal and some breakfast chocolate shakes and some other things for his mornings. I'll buy it this morning and bring it tonight to the cousins' apartment when we get together for our weekly game night. OR I could drive down and bring it to him before he left for work!!

It was a brilliant plan. I had hours until I needed to even get to work, and Alex started work earlier than me so I would have time to bring him the groceriesand oh! coffee, I should bring him coffee!—and still have time to see him off to work, come home myself, get ready, and leave for my work. It was foolproof.

(I kind of feel like I'm quoting the Megamind movie at some point but whatever. I loved scheming. For a birthday surprise.)

BUT yeah. I was going to order the stuff from the Walmart Grocery app and see what the earliest pickup time was, but alas, even at 5:20 AM when I was looking at it, their earliest time was 9-10AM. Maybe I wouldn't have time to bring it to him before he left work after all. 

I picked that slot and started filling my online cart, and had new gift ideas as I went along. I was having fun. I got up and cooked myself a sausage for breakfast and warmed up yesterday's coffee (the 3 ounces or so that were left in the pot....yeah....writing it out makes it sound weird now...) and then I remembered I hadn't checked out and bought the groceries yet. I needed to pay and order it so that I could pick it up at that time slot that I'd selected....but then when I looked, I had waited too long and that time slot had expired so the next time was 10-11AM. I wasn't going to have time to get it before even I went to work. 

And then the plan took new form in my mind. 

What if I just went to Walmart and shopped for this stuff right now? It's open 24 hours, and I have a car now (and I won't need to get a ride like I used to have to) and I have enough time.

So that's what I did. And it felt great to venture out and put my plan into action. x)

Okay...I have to finish my hair now, so I'll post this but I might write a part 2 about how I got lost on the way to his apartment and didn't know if he was even waking up early because he might have taken the day off from work like he had been thinking of.


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

I'm Bored at Work....what??

So I got this new job as a dishwasher, and they're not even always bringing dirty dishes. It's pretty slow so far today. I came in at 11, and it was so weird...
It's because it's a movie theater (I'm working in the kitchen, which this theater has because it's a Dine-In theater) and movies don't start showing until early afternoon... And it's an 11am-7pm shift... So yeah it's a weird feeling to be bored at work. Just needed to say that here.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Starbucks and me just being relaxed

Location: Starbucks, I've stopped on my way home to redeem my birthday drink :)

Time: 2:30 PM, after seeing Neila and painting for a really nice therapy session

Mood (1 to 10, 10 = fantastic, 1 = absolutely horrible): 6, better than 3 hrs ago because I am making decisions and deciding to live my life and not care that I'm walking into a Starbucks (with maybe 2 people even sitting inside) in my house slippers, and not caring :P

Last Meal: I ate cereal this morning

Coffee: I had one small cup at like 11, and I'm at Starbucks drinking a grande peppermint mocha. :) I can tell that I needed more coffee. xP

General schedule of the day: Tonight, Alex and I are going to hang out, whether we go out to dinner or hang out at his place, I'm not sure. We're going out either tonight or tomorrow night.

Objective: I'm writing here so that I can figure out where I am at the moment, and what I feel like I want to do with the rest of my day. I want to get into a headspace where I can decide what will be helpful for me when I feel "meh" and "ugh" like this morning and so many other mornings. Like knowing that coffee really helps.

Dump Zone:

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Productivity is the bomb

I want to document this because this morning, I'm feeling great. I'm proud of my accomplishments and confident in my abilities. I was so proud this morning of my idea to use my hand mixer to whisk the milk in my coffee and make it frothy—I don't understand why it made me so gleeful to see the bubbles and the fact that I didn't make a mess when I used the mixer in a coffee cup. But it was so great. x) I couldn't stop smiling.
And lately, I've gotten on top of several things that had been weighing me down. The mountain of dirty dishes and the sea of dirty laundry were finally dealt with, and while I'm still working at both of them on the daily, it's such a relief to not feel so overwhelmed about them anymore.
Also, I found a face soap a couple weeks ago, and this morning I used it and my face feels so soft and clean!
There's also the issue of food and groceries. I'd been avoiding spending money, but then I just didn't have any food. I especially needed meat. But yesterday, I did a Walmart grocery pickup, and it was great.
So now I have clean dishes and a countertop that's not cluttered, fresh clothes to wear instead of worrying about not having anything clean, a good cup of coffee to get me up this morning, and a kitchen stocked enough to get me a yummy, protein-rich, nutritional lunch.
This afternoon, I'm going with my coworkers are the restaurant to a food show in downtown Cincy. I'm excited, and I also don't know what it will be like. But it'll be good. :)
So here I go, I'll see if I can post pictures later.
^_^ yay for productive mornings. Thank God.

—ACS, September 25, 2018