Where To Find It

I have my music on a few different websites. Here's the links:

SoundCloud: The Dreamer Stream my newest music.
The Dreamer | Ashley Spence | United States
Facebook: The Dreamer Updates on my music.

NoiseTrade: The Dreamer (Waive) Free downloads of my best music!
SoundCloud: Waive (older account) My roots in recordings and GarageBand pocket version tracks.
SoundCloud: La Ballerine Noire (side project, titles in French) Piano recordings from 2015

My poetry is on this website:

Hello Poetry: Ashley Somebody All 750+ of my poems, almost all of them since Sept. 2013. Ones before that may have been lost, or are just on my computer from before I joined this website.
Hello Poetry: Ashley Somebody - Best of my poems voted by members The poems that started trending after I published them. Pretty cool.
Hello Poetry: Ashley Somebody - Haikus I have 200+ haikus that are gathered in this collection.
Hello Poetry: Ashley Somebody - Hope poems Some of my best hopeful poems, positive thinking poems, are gathered in this collection.
Hello Poetry: Attineo (side project) I got locked out of my account once so I made another one for a couple months until I got around to getting back in.
Tumblr: grammarpoems (2016) I don't think these poems are on Hello Poetry. I don't really remember.

My writing is on a couple websites.

Tumblr: aukwardandproud (2015) My first blog, has a lot of reblogs and stuff.
Tumblr: grammaryaaas (2016) My second blog, lots of reblogs again.
Tumblr: serialstoryauthor (2015) My serial story! I posted the updated episodes on here.

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