Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Productivity is the bomb

I want to document this because this morning, I'm feeling great. I'm proud of my accomplishments and confident in my abilities. I was so proud this morning of my idea to use my hand mixer to whisk the milk in my coffee and make it frothy—I don't understand why it made me so gleeful to see the bubbles and the fact that I didn't make a mess when I used the mixer in a coffee cup. But it was so great. x) I couldn't stop smiling.
And lately, I've gotten on top of several things that had been weighing me down. The mountain of dirty dishes and the sea of dirty laundry were finally dealt with, and while I'm still working at both of them on the daily, it's such a relief to not feel so overwhelmed about them anymore.
Also, I found a face soap a couple weeks ago, and this morning I used it and my face feels so soft and clean!
There's also the issue of food and groceries. I'd been avoiding spending money, but then I just didn't have any food. I especially needed meat. But yesterday, I did a Walmart grocery pickup, and it was great.
So now I have clean dishes and a countertop that's not cluttered, fresh clothes to wear instead of worrying about not having anything clean, a good cup of coffee to get me up this morning, and a kitchen stocked enough to get me a yummy, protein-rich, nutritional lunch.
This afternoon, I'm going with my coworkers are the restaurant to a food show in downtown Cincy. I'm excited, and I also don't know what it will be like. But it'll be good. :)
So here I go, I'll see if I can post pictures later.
^_^ yay for productive mornings. Thank God.

—ACS, September 25, 2018