Wednesday, July 3, 2019

7.3 Whew, wedding planning...

I Want To Invite Everyone

And I don't know what to do about it.

     But seriously. If you read this blog then you're someone I want to invite. I didn't share this blog with eeeverybody on, like, my Facebook friends list, or anything like that. Just y'all. Like 6 or 7 of you. 
     It's August 31st in Ohio, and if you could make it and want to come, I've probably already added you to my guest list (the invitations are going out really soon, I promise!) and you may have received my Save-The-Date email if I had the right address for you. 
     I think of new people every week that I want to invite, people that I want to be able to come and just have fun and get to be there for my wedding, and there are so many already in my list from my 75+ extended family members, to my parents' and Alex's parents' family friends from both AZ and OH, to the special little group of my college roommates I was able to round up to be part of my bridesmaids.... There are just so many. And Alex doesn't want me to add a hundred more people just in case we have to feed 300+ people because we are not prepared for that. :/ 
     I'm just so torn. 
     Like, back in November when Alex proposed to me, and we hadn't started talking about wedding dates yet, I thought it would be sooner than it ended up being. And I sorta thought it would be SO long to wait. But now, I feel like I wish I had more time to prepare, or at least had set my due dates a month earlier than I needed them, because now I HAVE to send out all the invitations and I just now finished designing them (my dad's printing and mailing them all, thank the Lord) and I realized I haven't organized everybody's mailing addresses in one place. >.< What am I doing? How did I miss that?
     And then there were some people whose email addresses hadn't been correct when I sent the Save-The-Date back in April or whenever it was. So they don't know when or where my wedding is and they're asking my mom. >.< aaaackk 
     So many of the people I love are on the list, though, and that's awesome and for the ones that I already know are going to be there, that's amazing! I am excited, I am glad, and I'll be thrilled to see everyone on the big day.
     But now I need to go make a little document with the RSVP and Registry info on it so Dad can put that slip of paper in with all the invitations. xP

--ACS, July 3rd, 2019

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