Wednesday, May 15, 2019

5.15 Sitting in Starbucks

So I'm sitting in a brand new Starbucks right now. It's so new, I hadn't even heard that they were opening a new one here until I drove by last week and saw the sign on the unfinished building. And today, I saw that the parking lot was full and the drive-thru screen was on, and everything looked like it had opened!
so I pulled into the next road, which was a gas station, haha, and since the parking lots didn't seem to connect, I said "oh whatever, I'll just park here and walk over." So I did.

(So there's a man with a David Crowder-ish beard, glasses, and a cap that I saw in the corner of the cafe and did a double-take because he looks just like Alex's uncle Dan from this distance. It's his dad's never-married brother, who's never come up to visit us, so we just stop in to visit him every time we're in town. He's a cool dude, owns an art gallery and plays Dungeons & Dragons. The first time I met him, it had been a while since Alex had seen him, and Alex kind of discovered his awesome uncle and it was really cool. ^_^ But yeah. It's not him, he wouldn't be here, but lol it really looks like him.)

Okay back to whatever I was going to be talking about. I'm loving this slow jazz music they're playing. It's totally relaxing and makes me feel like it was a good decision to come here :)
Ah yesss. So, I'm starting to think about switching this blog from Blogger over to another platform. Blogger was connected with Google+ and it made it easier to log in and post that way, but now that Google+ has been absolved (lol or whatever you would call it), some of the functions aren't working as well, and I'm just feeling like I'd like a change.
Blogger's been a great place to post content for a long time, and as I've been using it since, like, way back in 2012 or something when I used it for my serial story The Note, I don't want to put in all the work to change host websites if I am going to have to do it again in a few years. But I don't want to spend a lot of money on, like, a whole website....but I could have a really big one, if I used it as both a blog and a place to post my new music and maybe have some marketing stuff for the book I self-published in 2017. And maybe I could start some other projects, things that I might want to go to school for, like website designing and programming. I don't know if I'll go into IT specifically or if I'll decide that I want to do teaching or tutoring, or something else like that. Maybe speech therapy.
Anyway, it would be super fun to build a website and I think I would really enjoy the nitty gritty details and just getting to learn stuff along the way. The few times that I've done basic HTML code were always a fun exercise. I have a cool uncle who's given me some tips and a few places to start. :)
So yeah. If I do build a website, I'm pretty sure I could set this old blog up to redirect to the new place. There's a spot for that in the settings, anyway.
I'm gonna go research that stuff. ^_^
—ACS, May 15, 2019

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